Sunday, August 16, 2009

American Countryside Farmers Market, revisited

Well, Man and I could not help ourselves, we had to have a revisit to the American Countryside Farmers Market . This time we took photos!

Man huggin one of those huge timbers, this one looks larger than 16" by 16", doesn't it??

A view of the inside:

The pegs:

Spotted on upper level, finial, look at the craftsmanship.


lindalee said...

I think I did see you driving by and I'm jealous...I was back at work today after that glorious week in St. Joe's, Michigan. I have my fingers crossed for some great weather for you and Man.

Carol said...

Working really gets in the way of a lot of fun, eh?? LOL. We had an interesting weather day, rained buckets, cleared up, clouded over, cleared up again and got hotter than hades, clouded over a bit again. But, I got 180 GOOD photos! Those crossed fingers worked pretty good! Thanks.