Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tana on the road, St. Joseph Michigan

Yesterday, again, after a lovely slow morning in Tana, we jumped in Big Butt and headed out the Blue Star Highway (A2) and M63, but this time we headed south. On the list of places to visit, St. Joseph Michigan, Grand Mere State Park (why, we had no idea, discoveries to be had) and Warren Dunes State Park (to check on the campsites for future reference).

There are many city and county parks along the lake shore of Lake Michigan, both north and south of Van Buren State Park. In the last few days we have pulled off in a number, enjoying the views and the weather. Neglected to record the name of this park, but, got the required beach shot, actually, this photo was taken to attempt to record just how still Lake Michigan was, as Man said, you could have water skied on it, nary a wave to be seen.

Arriving in St. Joseph we happen along the waterfront of St. Joseph River, a lovely park, and a bridge that swings to allow boat traffic to pass.

I found St. Joseph to be an exciting and enchanting town. City officials seem to be paying attention to a lot of minute details, large flower pots around town had the town name on them, no off the shelf planters here, very attractive. They are rebuilding areas, including a carousel. Spotted this beautiful horse, maybe a future resident?? If so, the children and young at heart that visit St. Joseph in the future will obviously have great steeds to ride.

Along the river and lake shore there are green spaces and walkways, monuments marking and explaining St. Joseph's history, art work, a 1872 water fountain, and much more.

Above, some art/sculpture along the St. Joseph River.

1872 Maids of the Mist by J. W. Fiske.

There is a lighthouse, but of course, picture perfect.

This summer St. Joseph is sponsoring Surf N' Safari, Stampede St. Joseph. 29 painted creatures from the wild, transplanted to St. Joseph. A visit to their web site allows you to read about the artists and view the art. Not sure I could pick a favorite, but the Sea Lion is high on my list. (That car in the background was not bad either!)

LaSalle built Fort Miami here in November of 1679, it was the third settlement in Michigan. On March 7, 1834 it was incorporated as the Village of Saint Joseph. Steeped in history, but reinventing itself, St. Joseph is indeed an exciting and enchanting place.

*The rest of this day's adventures to be found in another blog. Come back soon to hear about Grand Mere State Park hike. (The hike to no where.)


lindalee said...

Thanks for this post....I am really missing my week in St. Joe. My favorite animal was the huge gorilla that was a little putt putt one hole golf for the kids. You captured a much better pix of that lighthouse than I did. I think I was always too far away.

Carol said...

I have a great 12 zoom camera!! LOL