Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great Lakes Rally, Day 3, Mini Girls Day Out & Pot Luck

This was a totally free day and the attendees went here and there. Some of the gals decided on a shopping trip.

In town there was Reinactment going on, covered time frames from French & Indian War (1750ish) to the War of 1812. This fellow was making canoe paddles.

After wandering around the reinactment camp, we got down to some serious shopping, here Jo-Anna, Helen and Ann show off one of theirs, those neat hair thingys and Helen's new shades!

Come 6 oclock, you just know what this gang is gonna be doing: POT LUCK!

And, of course, the necessary campfire to end a fabulous MOC Rally Day. Oh, and no rain this time!

Safe rides to all our MOC friends as they head out to new campgrounds and more Rally's.


TennLady said...

I like the hair things. Won't work in my chopped off hair!

Carol said...

Did not feel like they would hold in my long hair, so I skipped. Worked quite well for these gals, their hair is much shorter. One gal with hair not even shoulder length got them to hold.