Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Fairhope Colony Cemetery, Fairhope, Baldwin County, Alabama

Our last day trip during our stay in Gulf Shores, Alabama was to include as it's very last stop, the Fairhope Colony Cemetery.   We happened upon it, not really looking, but rather driving around looking at flowers.  Of course, once I spied the gate, I had Man turn around and drive in.  I jumped out of Big Butt and spent just a short time walking around the cemetery.  I managed to take about 40 photos.  Say what??  Here are some of what I thought were the best.

Above:  Front gate and stone walls. 


Above: More fencing and stone work.  Detail on the fencing delights.

Above:  It was only AFTER I took this photo of this
peaceful place to rest and comtemplate that I realized
sitting would be a bit "interesting", ok, difficult!

Statuary always attracts and fascinates.

Above:  I have NO clue.  Do you??

Not many of these raised burial plots in Michigan
where we live, so, I always find myself drawn to them.

At this time there are a limited number of interments for Fairhope Colony Cemetery recorded at Find A Grave.

Fairhope Colony Cemetery, a very nice place to end our visit to the Gulf Shores and Baldwin County Alabama area.

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Myrna & Bob said...

That wheel looks like a grinding wheel out of a flour mill or grist mill. Maybe this person was a miller.

OntMont said...

I agree with above. The stone is certainly a "millstone", used for grinding grains. They were used in pairs in the horizontal position. Grain would be fed in the centre of the top stone and the flour (or whatever was being ground) passed between the two stones and exited around the edges. The grooves helped move the grain along. The power could could from wind or water, or in later years gas or electric motors.

Can only assume the memorial is to a former miller unless there is some other symbolism that I am unaware of.

Carol said...

Miller, ok, even a town that close to the water needs a miller.