Sunday, April 11, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, the Ride North, Day Two

Man’s goal today was to do 325 miles. Now those readers who don’t know bout towing a big rig, 325 for us ole retirees is close to our max for a day. We prefer 250, once we did 406 (and thought we had died). Oh, we did close to the 325, so goal # 1 was met. Another goal was to breeze by/through Montgomery Alabama, Birmingham Alabama and shoot for Nashville Tennessee. Clearing Nashville was left as a question mark, if things went smoothly, should make it. Things went rather smoothly as we are happy to say, goal # 2 was also met, we are in Franklin Kentucky.

When we run down the hard road, I tend to leave a few (maybe a lot! LOL) of Status comments on Facebook. Here are some of them from today, it will summarize our day.

** Figures, the irony of it all. Snicker. Leave the water regulator behind in Gulf Shores, first night out, campground has OUTSTANDING water pressure. Too tired to dig for the other reg we have, Al turned water almost off, just a little, right?? well, NOOOO We were a tad nervous about it, but, no blown water lines this AM. I could NOT believe the water pressure, even with the faucet all but turned off! Whew, with pressure like that you could sure fill up some holding tanks fast! GULP! LOL Man reported to me later, that the water hose, almost brand new, now has a bulge from the excessive water pressure. Guess we were rather lucky, one hose sacrificed, Tana saved from water damage.

** North of Birmingham Al, whew their roads are icky. Stopped at the Flying J just north of town, just in time, if you get my drift, and I know you do! LOL Have stopped in 2 FJ's in AL, and both had issues with mal-functioning equipment, dirty. Did see someone cleaning bath rooms & working on the pumps, but, geeesh people, service is the game, eh??

** Dog woods fab, the greens of the trees painting a wonderful patch quilt of green, saw some fab wisteria, red buds are sooooooo vivid. Now that the road is smooth we can really enjoy the ride.

** What surprises ya is how bad they (the roads) are on 65 around Birmingham Alabama, they always say our roads are bad in Michigan cause of the freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw, well, I was not aware it did that much in Birgmingham. My take, the contractor was sooooo beyond incompetent. Some pot holes, mostly just bad seams and pavement, ick!

** Bye, bye, Alabama.

** Whats on my mind?? Nashville's on my mind

** North of Nashville, you got redbud ! LOTS and LOTS of redbud!

** Oh, I wish we could have stopped, now, Kentucky Tenn. line is on my mind, that plus 6 miles more and we get to stop for the day. 81 degrees, warmer than it was the entire 5 months we were in Alabama. Mother Nature is sooooo messed up! LOL

** Franklin Kentucky, where are my shorts, since I have not needed them in 5 months, I have NO idea where they are! LOL

Conditions here at Franklin are less than stellar. It is a pretty campground, close to the eway, a bit pricy, had some staffing difficulties today, which led to us overpaying and landing on a site with substandard electric.  We are trying to be understanding, as the owners are new, but, folks, shouldn't you invest your fix em up $$$ on the electric before you dig ponds??  Now, maybe Man and I don't have the full picture here, so, we will tread lightly.  A word to our RVing friends, The Bluegrass RV park here in Franklin, Kentucky, exit 6 off of I 65, is pretty, however, we feel is overpriced, electric services at the poles almost unsafe in some cases, staff checking you in, may or may not know what is going on, and by the way, they did not give us the Good Sam discount we asked for, and then we found out this is a Passport America park, and no, we did not get that discount either.  Office closed at 6 PM, not open tomorrow till 2 PM, and, yes, we will be well into Indiana by then.  Not reviewing the electrical service our fault, discount snafu we will lay on them, gently.  So, if you stay here, RVing friends, don't come in tired, and pay attention.

Well, time for showers and rest, tomorrow may be another hard day. Why the hurry?? Sadly, we feel the situation at home is deteriorating faster every day.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence


Joan said...

Hey, how many days will it take you to get to home base up north? Travel safe.

Carol said...

Joan, we like to average 250 a day, we are half way home, if no troubles, another 2 days driving. One has to expect the unexpected in this sport, that is why we always say, if NO troubles. Thank you for your good wishes.

TennLady said...

Yeah, the problem is that it did get unusually cold all the way down to the gulf and that does affect the roads. Saw the first potholes ever here this winter. Slow to fix? Hope the roads were better in TN!

Carol said...

Birmingham I 65 is notorious, it had nothing to do with this winter, sad, but true. They were horrible when we went south, have a lot of rving friends that complain about them too. SIGHHH

Roads in TN were ok. But, I 65 rest areas in TN are non-existant. Both the welcome centers, north and south are closed. According to my recently purchased Road Atlas, there is only one other rest pull off area thingy in TN on I 65, and it is primarily for trucks. We stopped in it anyway, even tho the signs appeared to indicate we should not. I was very saddened to see how dirty and full of trash it was. No trash cans in sight, so, it was blowing around. This is no way to treat our beautiful USA folks. If there is no trash can, cart it out with you. Sad, soooo very sad.

Oh, and hopefully you don't have to do a real potty stop in Tn on I 65 UNLESS you have your own toilet, cause there is no place currently available.