Friday, April 2, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Bellingrath Gardens, The Wrapup Post

Well, my dear readers, you can certainly tell by the number of posts I have had to publish on the Bellingrath Gardens that John, Donna, Man and I had a wonderul day.  It started out a bit rough,
  • Man thought we had discount tickets, but a search of Tana and Big Butt failed to produce them. 
  • The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm, it started out extremely foggy and just a little coolish. 
  • We had intended to ride the Fort Morgan ferry to Dauphin Island and drive back in the evening via Mobile.  The ferry sign (30 minutes FROM the ferry, saves you from driving all the way down to Fort Morgan if there is no ferry service) stated it was CLOSED, so we reversed the trip driving plans. 
  • I had the Baby HP tablet computer, wanted to use Streets & Trips and the GPS, so I grabbed her and tried to start her up with the button (vs the little remote I use most of the time).  Baby refused to start with the lid up.  Despite several tries, she was having none of it.  So, I say to Man, with that snide black humor tone of voice, wonder if she will boot up with her lid closed.  Guess what, she did.  Surprised us.
By now, Man and I and our sick humor had kicked in, that and the early hour.  So, we started a chant that lasted a good part of the day:  Tickets, no tickets.  Fog, no fog.  Ferry, no ferry.  Lid, no lid.  Giggles and more giggles.  Maybe I should say, giggles, no giggles.  Cept, we were laughing all the way.  Laughter is such a great way to start off the day, don't you think?

Now, to share with you some photos that did not appear in my other posts, I hope you enjoy them.

Above, isn't this enchanting?  Water, plants, stonework,
and if you look in the far lower right corner, a gold fish!

This un-identified little beauty, we believe is a bulb,
was in the gardens along the walk ways
that are replanted several times a year.

Man and I on the board walk in the Oriental-American garden.

Mirror Lake as viewed through the branches of a live oak.

Above,  a view of a greenhouse.  The structure through which we are viewing is a bridge (we believe it is used for maintenance vehicles?)  This has a lot of features I just love, stone, wraught iron, greenhouses, ivy growing up the columns, a bench. 

Fade out.

Above, Man and I at the end of our wonderful day, walking through a stand of Bamboo, tired, fullfilled, with so many wonderful photos and memories.  (Thanks to Donna for this photo.)  We may look like we are fading out, but the day will remain focused for some time.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence


Michelle Goodrum said...

I have truly enjoyed this series of posts and the beautiful photography!

Myrna said...

Have loved all your photos of the gardens. That unidentified flower is a snow drop. It is a bulb and in the northwest it is one of the first to bloom in the spring. Even in the snow. This garden is a definite stop when we head east (someday). Thanks for sharing.

Greta Koehl said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Everything is so beautiful now; i wish we could just suspend time for a little bit.

OntMont said...

Although I have never seen a snowdrop quite like that one, with multiple flowers coming from a single daffodil-like stem, I also think that those must be a form of snowdrop. Look at all the pictures on this web site, and the flowers look almost identical.

Carol said...

Thanks OntMont and Myrna. I also went surfing and found this photo, which matches my photo quite well. Does not give more than the commonly known as name.

TennLady said...

Very nice!

Karen said...

Especially love the waterfall photo!