Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Blakeley State Park Cemetery, Alabama

Last week Man and I, along with John and Donna took another day trip/photo blitz, this time to Blakeley State Park, and of course, the cemetery there.  This post shall deal with the cemetery, the rest of the day will be featured in future posts here at Reflections.

For some back ground information on the park and the cemetery, visit ExploreSouthernHistory.com.

Here is the first view you will see of the cemetery, none of these crosses are marked.

As far as I know, none of these grave ledgers have inscriptions or markings.

We were all fascinated by this stone,
and her age, if correct, at death. 
Someday when I have a chance,
I would like to do a bit of research on Mary.

Found praying over a grave, angels always welcome,
this one brings some Mardi Gras beads,
seen frequently on graves in Baldwin County, Alabama

Blakeley Cemetery can be found on Find A Grave.

Blakeley Cemetery and State Park, a huge hunk of Baldwin County history, fascinating to know that this land lay unused for well over 100 years.  Blakeley was considered a ghost town even as late as 1974.  This site talks about that a bit. 

Blakeley Cemetery, another quiet place to reflect.

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Joan said...

Gardens are nice, but cemeteries have so many stories -- told, untold, and "guessed at." Thanks.

IrishEyes said...

I'd love to read about Mary Foster. Imagine all that she was witness to over her 109 years. Thanks for sharing these. Cheers! Jennifer