Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barbara, The New Shoot Is

Barbara:  The new camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot HX1, as found on this web site.

Man does the research on such purchases.  He reads web sites, and product reviews and feedback posts and user comments.

This has more zoom than my Cannon does, and that powerful zoom takes some adjusting to by the user (Moi).  I am used to standing about 3 foot from flowers and still zooming in a bit. With the Sony, I have to stand about 5 foot, or I am getting photos that are out of focus.  Adjustments, Carol!  That said I am finding the Sony more user friendly than my Cannon was.  It also has a LOT more choices to review and play with.  It will be a while before I figure it all out (if I ever do!)  The user friendly controls are a hit here, big hit! 

The macro on this camera seems easier for me to use.  Here is a photo of one of my primroses using the macro.

I had the moveable screen on the Cannon, I LOVED that moveable screen, and it was the first thing that broke (after about 10,000 photos).  There are not a lot of cameras with that feature.  This Sony has a LCD tilt display.  It is not quite the same as the one on the Cannon, but, I am very happy with this Sony tilt.  (Barbara this tilt might be very interesting for you, I read the comment you left on Linda's post of flowers that you are having trouble getting down cause of your knees, this is where the tilt becomes your best friend!)

We bought now partially because this model is about a year old, with many great reviews, and they reduced the price, we felt that maybe Sony was contemplating discontinuing it, so, we jumped.

So, Barbara, that is the scoop on my new shoot. Good luck on your shopping.

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Barbara said...

Thank you Carol for the information. I'll have to start looking!

lindalee said...

I am beginning to become slightly envious....