Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flowers, Wordless, Nope Wordy Wednesday

Sorta, wordless.

If you have been reading about our 4 day marathon run home, you may have caught some of my comments about the flowers and flowering bushes we saw all the way home.  Northern Tennessee and Kentucky were spectacular with red buds and dogwoods.  What a show!  I have never quite figured out how to take a decent photo at 60 MPH, so, the bestest photos are now in my memory banks, not digitial, just ole Carol banks!

However, when we stopped in Franklin Kentucky for the night, I found dogwood growing, and they were pretty good specimans! 

I don't see many of these, pink, I believe it is a dogwood.

Ok, maybe I am a bit prejudiced, but, I don't think
you will find any nicer forsythia than what is here in Michigan,
this is in my back yard today when we got home.

Not many words necessary for these daffodils from my yard.

These are very small BLUE flowering bulbs.  I believe they are blue bells.  I took the photo looking up from the ground, quite the challenge since they are only bout 4 inches tall, IF!

All photos taken with the new camera, still in the learning curve.  Starting to get it!  Last one, the blue bell, taken with the macro.  Me think I will like using this camera's macro, never could get the hang of the last one.

Yep, not so wordless.

* Coming soon to Reflections, the rest of our 2009-10 Winter Tana Tour reports.

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IrishEyes said...

WOW! Wow seems to be the first word out of my mouth each and every time I look at your photos. I particularly like the first photo, and the shot of the blue flower is magnificent. Cheers! Jennifer

TennLady said...

Lots of the pink dogwoods around here. They are gorgeous.

Patricia said...

Spectacular Carol, enjoy seeing them so much. We have no flowers here yet, so this is a real treat.

Mary said...

LOVELY flowers Carol...

nita said...

Hey, I think you are getting the hang of that new camera! Beautiful photos, and yes, I agree about the Forsyhtis. It is spectacular! What a welcome home!

Barbara said...

Nice as always. Carol, you took photos of both white and pink dogwoods. Did you tell your followers the type of camera you bought? (Perhaps I missed the post.) I'm in the market for a new one now.

Carol said...

Barbara stay tuned!

lindalee said...

I am envious of all the color in your yard so early in the season. I NEED some of those blue ones. I do think you are getting the hang of your macro setting. Keep those pix coming!!!