Monday, April 12, 2010

This 'n That, From Reflections on the Road

After a long day of travel, I was so appreciative of a great email and note from Granny Pam of Granny's Genealogy awarding me the Ancestor Approved Award.  Thank you so much, it came at a good time, boosted my mood! My post, Ancestor Approved Award is here.  Thank you all, again.

A really fun thing we saw yesterday was a water tower disquised as a peach, or was it a HUGE peach, disquised as a water tower??  Sorry, no photos, I don't do photos at 60 MPH.  Anyway, it was between Montgomery and Birmingham Alabama and was on the west side of I 65.  It even had the peach fuzz!

Today is cousin Karen's turn at the helm of Relatively Speaking, Cousins that Blog, her post today is Relatively Speaking --- Resource!  As always, great info, especially as summer research trip time is drawing near.   Karen is VERY good at trip prep and trip results, so a read of her proven tricks might give you a new trick for your own research bag of tricks.

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Karen said...

I thank you for the kind comments! Nice post!