Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, the Ride North, Day Four, The Final Ride

We started out from Pendleton Indiana about 9:15 and arrived back at the stickbuilt around 4ish. The water is on, the hot water is heating, frig on, heat on, car started with little trouble, even the lawn mower started. The moles had a field day while we were gone, tunnels everywhere. Some limbs down, but we have had more, in the next few days I will tote them down to the woods.

We are sore and stiff after almost 4 days straight in Big Butt. We both abhore traveling like that, rushed, no time to stop and smell the roses or rest our bodies. Add to that the stress, and you just know we are rather whooped.

I am going to try and catch up on our last days in Gulf Shores, several posts, and then, hopefully, I will be back on track here at Reflections.

Thanks again for your support, prayers and best wishes. Now that we are home, we slowly unpack Tana and deal with the medical situation.

The yorks, by the way, are HAPPY to be back in the stick, they can go out in the yard, no leashes and no small containment - - can we say RUNNING WILD?? LOL

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Barbara said...

Carol, Glad you are home safe and sound. But the moles aren't. I was sorry to hear about your cousin's death also. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight, bet you are bushed.

Ron and Thelma said...

Carol Glad you made it Safely. Yes I know what you mean by rushing. We do not like it that way either. Hope everthing turns out better. Sorry to hear about the death in the family. No more suffering for him.

Joan said...

Welcome home --- from the long distance watcher from Oregon.

lindalee said...

Happy to hear you are back safe and sound. Great shot at the top of the blog and I am mentioned...lol Your camera does a great macro. Maybe you will be able to capture one of those little mole critters for a Wordless Wednesday....I can't compete with that one...no way.