Friday, April 23, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Fairhope, The Last Visit

Fairhope Alabama became one of our favorite places to visit while we were in Baldwin County.  It is charming, they are a single tax colony/corporation city.  Google it, Fairhope Alabama single tax.  Fascinating.  There are interserting stores, and flowers. LOTS of flowers.  They change the flower beds frequently, I have been told they do it overnight, all the beds in one night.  They had the first tulips and daffodils we saw in the spring

So, our last day trip before we headed home included the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and Fairhope.  We had a little lunch, and then just wandered around town.  And, Carol took photos, again, mostly flowers, and some architecture.  And here are the best of the best.

Above: Tulip magnolia,  young speciman, tucked in the garden in the "French Quarter" of Fairhope.   The French Quarter is built around an old courtyard that reminds you of New Orleans. 

This bench did not photograph well with the bright son, much of the detail is hard to see with the glare.  Hard to take, neat benches and glaring sun!  LOL

Above, there is that bench again, and wisteria.  Somewhere below the wisteria is a sign that announces the French Quarter. 

Wraught iron on the balcony, the rounded front of the building, both drew my interest.

Fairhope has flower beds full of flowers, and they also have pots of flowers, flowers everywhere, oh, heaven!  This was in a pot, believe it is a geranium.

Not New Orleans, Fairhope Alabama.

And, because I cannot resist, another azalea.  A wonderful end to our stay in Baldwin County, Alabama. 

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Ron and Thelma said...

you were lucky you could stay that long. We did not see all that many flowers They sure are pretty