Friday, April 9, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Tour Coming to Final Days

As some of you know, Man and I have been dealing with family issues long distance.  We have been attempting to balance our lives with the needs of family.  We no longer feel this is possible and so we are packing up and will head out, possibly tomorrow.  Our time was short here anyway, the lot rent is only paid till the 15th, so, we don't have issues that way.  Any issues we face now are partly angst and stress, otherwise known as worry.

Back in early March, Reflections took some time for prayer requests for some of our loved ones, far and near.  One month later, lets review the list.
  • Cousin Connie and her husband Thomas.  Thomas is in his last days of his battle.  We now ask for prayers that his caretakers can remain strong.  Thomas is looking forward to his new life, and finally meeting his maker.  He is strong in his faith.
  • Cousin Nolan, born months prematurely, has been progressing and growing nicely, Mom was able to give him a bath the other day, the photo was a joy to see.
  • Friend Glenn, still battling the "C" monster, reports are that he sleeps a lot, rest is healing and a very good thing.
  • Man's mother, situation has deteriorated.
  • Friend George, who is fighting the "C" monster, we are thrilled to report his surgery went well.  We continue our prayers that his prognosis stays as positive!  WAHHOOOO
  • Friend Marge, who is having issues with wrists.  Marge reports some relief, for which we are thankful.
  • Friend John, works hard every day, we are so happy his fight with the "C" monster is on hold!  So there, you "C" monster!
  • Fellow blogger, Linda, from Flipside, whose son had surgery.  Surgery went quite well considering the seriousness, he has had some additional issues since, has been in and out of the hospital, currently back in.
  • Cousin Marilyn, still fighting her exhaustion, has now added a bout of pneumonia to the challenge.  Rest my dear, rest!
  • Friend Patty, now has windows and doors!  WAHHOOOO
  • Several of the writers of blogs I faithfully read are dealing with their own health issues, and that of loved ones.  Sadly, several bloggers have also reported deaths of family members.  Man and I send our best, prayers and of course, hugs.
Our hearts are heavy with concern for those dear ones who are fighting weakness of body, and filled with joy for those who are thriving.

I still have some posts to share with you covering our last weeks here in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Some are prepared and in the queue.  I hope you will enjoy them.  The wisteria is in bloom, isn't this lovely?

Every day spent on earth is a blessing,
every day spent in our Montana is a day blessed twice. 
(Part of my signature line on the Montana Owners Club Forum.)
Our almost 5 months here in Gulf Shores have been double blessed, even with all the cold  and very WET weather. We did not have to shovel all that wet stuff!  We spent hours of laughter and photo taking with friends John and Donna, and of course, their sweet border collie, Tea.  Thanks John, Donna and Tea.  The violets have been packed for the trip home; Tana has been getting some extra dusting and cleaning; stashing of things brought out during our stay here, for the most part, is done.  Now, where is all that Velcro I use to secure the inside cabinet doors??
See ya on the road,  prayers to all, safe rides.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.



Mary said...

Carol, have a safe thoughts and prayers are with you and your family/friends.

IrishEyes said...

Dear Carol, I wish you and Man a safe journey home. Thinking of you under the same moon tonight. Jennifer

Greta Koehl said...

Carol - Do have a safe trip and know that I and many others are praying for those you have listed. This has been such a heavy week.

Joan said...

Let me add my wish for a safe trip ---and blessings to you and your family.

Karen said...

Have a safe trip back home, Carol. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your wonderful photos.