Saturday, April 10, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Tacky Jack's

Before we left Gulf Shores, we spent an afternoon with friends John and Donna. On tap that day, Tacky Jack's Grill & Tavern, in Orange Beach and a late afternoon walk at Gulf State Park.   Let's chat about lunch and Tacky Jacks.

Lunch, food, ok, nothing spectacular.  The atmosphere is the name of the game here.  Inside decorated with metal walls (I can verify that magnets DO stick to said wall), outside deck seating if it is warm enough (was not this day, abundant sunshine, but, that cold wind kept us inside).  They also have an observation deck, which we had to visit, so, I pulled on my hoodie, and up we went.  OK, they got FAB views!

One view from the observation deck.

We then went over to the gift shop, every good tourist trap needs one, don't cha know!  Spied this guy, sitting in the sand, not sure why, but, I though he was photogenic.

Inside the shop we found a pet parakeet, who was not terribly cooperative about photos!  LOL  With a name like Tacky Jack's you know a lot of the stock, is, well, tacky.  But, not this fabulous kite.  It was the last one, not for sale, permission granted to take all the photos we wanted.  It was hanging from the ceiling, and presented it's own challanges to get a good photo.  All hand painted, kite??  Nahhh, piece of art!

Later we strolled around outside some more, guess you could say we were playing at being a tourist.  With all this water, there are boats stored everywhere, some are just now getting put back in the water, but, many are still in dry dock.  Cannot recall seeing one like this, isn't that hull painting amazing??  Gotta wonder, what that looks like when she is in the water.

Our walk at Gulf State Park will be the subject of another post here at Reflections in the coming days.

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lindalee said...

Very cool art work on the boat. Are these taken with your new camera? Nice. Safe travels northward. Wish you could stop in North Olmsted.

Carol said...

Linda, they are not taken with the new camera. Since we had to do the fast and furious packing, I have not had a chance to mess with it a lot, finally got the first photos off of it just yesterday evening. I'll try to post one soon!

Wish we could stop in North Olmsted too, as we have some really dear friends from our camping gang that now live just down the road from you. But, sadly, we have to go straight back to Michigan as fast as possible, safely, but ASAP. SIGHH

Joan said...

Drat, couldn't decide whether I like the kite or the boat was my favorite. Also like the elephant. You and Man would look real cute hauling that boat back north, flying the kite overhead, and the elephant as Big Butt's hood ornament --- oh, and the cops close behind.LOL Travel safe.

Greta Koehl said...

I am lusting after that kite. And if I were a boat person, I would lust after the boat, too. I need to take a trip somewhere, anywhere!

Carol said...

Linda, check the side bar, top photo. We have made some adjustments to some of the settings, still tweaking, this was pretty much our first try at macro.

Joan, ROTFL, Oh, dear, I needed a really good chuckle, thank you soooo much! Might get away with the triple tow (some call it a double tow) with boat and fifth wheel, except for the length, that boat was HUGE! LOL

Greta, Summer is around the bend, plan trips now! That kite, ya, I understand the lust! LOL