Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thanks to Many, This 'N That

Would like to thank my readers and friends, ONCE again, for your support.  And, for your kind words about my flower photos (hope you really meant them, cause there are MORE coming!)

Could not have asked for a nicer welcome home from Mother Nature, even a special request could not have provided better.  Sun, mild wind which is not cold.  Temps moderate. (Left another photo of my daffodils, a good daffodil year!)

I have been slowly unloading Tana, there is no hurry here, the frig is empty and off, and as I need things I will go tote them into the stick built.  I walked around the yard, carried some of the limbs to the woods and, mmmmm, guess what??  Yep, took MORE flower photos.  Stay tuned.

The other evening I found a wonderful comment from Kathleen Brandt of a3Genealogy, awarding me the Ancestor Approved Award.   Kathleen writes a fascinating blog, I am very humbled that she considered me worthy.  Thank you Kathleen.  Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your kindness.  You can find my post when I first was so honored here, Reflections has now been so honored by 5 fine bloggers, I thank you all once more.  I really am overwhelmed.

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Michelle Goodrum said...

I have been totally enthralled with your flower photos! BTW - daffodils are my second favorite flower next to tulips.

lindalee said...

Ya know....I like that your daffs are clumped together with different varieties represented. I like the variety. Mine seem to be all separate with plan yellow trumping the lot. As to the peach ones....I can't remember if I planted them or if they grew from others that I had planted. I seem to remember that they were originally pink! Great photo.