Friday, April 16, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Blakeley State Park

Back in early April, I shared with you the Blakeley State Park Cemetery.  John, Donna, Man and I spent a good part of the day here, taking in the Battlefield, Cemetery, a luncheon snack near a live oak, and the boardwalk along the Tensaw River. 

Blakeley was the scene of the last major battle of the Civil War.  There are miles of breastworks, rifle pits (these are very interesting, one I saw was about 8 X 8 square and about 6 foot deep), redoubts, battery sites and earthen forts.  I have a hard time understanding all this army/battle stuff, but, I do find them interesting, so here are a few photos.

This entire area was abandoned for over 100 years.  Even I can appreciate and wonder at the task involved in moving all this earth around to make these miles of fortification, the park has 5.5 miles of unspoiled Civil War fortifications.  5.5 miles!  Amazing!

In the midst of the earthworks, near a pit, I found these growing, a bit of beauty in the midst of such sorrow.

We had lunch just feet away from this gorgeous live oak, use the car as a reference as to the size of the tree, massive does not come close.  Live oaks shed their leaves in the spring, the new growth is just starting to emerge.

Our walk along the boardwalk will be the subject of a future post.  This short photo tour of the Civil War battlefield at Blakeley State Park is a bare bones tour.  We spent a couple of hours walking and climbing around and driving through this remarkable place of history.  Some of the military trenches and redoubts are being restored, some have been lost to years of farming. 

Down near the river, is found the "Hiding Tree", which the park brochure tells us is a water oak, with a hollowed base around the roots, said to be a hiding place for Confederate soliders fleeing after the loss of the battle here.  We almost missed this, but were drawn over by the size of the exposed roots.

If you happen to be near Mobile Alabama and you are the least bit interested in history and nature, the Blakeley State Park is a must visit.

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