Thursday, April 29, 2010

They Are Back, Spring 2010

Earlier today while out digging in the flower beds, my attention was drawn to the pond.  Geese!  The first appearance, or the first one I have been privy to.  I always enjoy the first appearance, as there always seems be babies, gozlings.  I snuck back in the house, bringing the yorkie yappers with me, grabbed that new Sony and went back out, leaving the yorkie yappers inside!

I went over to the flower bed, zoomed and took a few photos.  I was intent on getting a good photo of those gozlings, cause they could not be more than a few days old, they still have some yellow showing.  I eventually walked down the hill some trying to get closer without spooking them.  Eventually I decided, to go for broke and walked much closer than I have ever dared before, and yep, they went into the water, where I was able to get several pretty good photos, like this one.

Three gozlings, one behind each parent and one in the middle. 
Still a bit yellow.  Guestimate, about 4 inches long when sitting
in the water.  I had the zoom to the max, and was
standing, ohhh, 50 foot away.

*Reminder, clicking on the photo will open it to a larger view, you can see the gozlings even better that way.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence


Greta Koehl said...

Ah, I love gosling/duckling season, too. We get treated to "traffic stopped to let mom and babies cross the street" - it's great when the busy city has to slow down a bit.

lindalee said...

Cute little duffers! Have I told you that the two violets are too too beautiful. The photo of the white one is especially good. I'll have to go outside tomorrow to see if I can capture one of mine as well has you have.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Wonderful photo of the parents and babies! Thank you so much for sharing it! Our local park has a creek (the size here of some small rivers) and the Canadian geese have begun to stay year round here, being treated you see to folks who leave grain and bread crumbs, etc. Part of the area is called Donut Bay, though the little island that gave the pond its name has since washed away in floods, but it's a favorite stop for parents and little folks to go year round to see the ducks and geese, and their babies in the spring!