Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stepping Sideways, Research Style

Like cousin Anne, I have been over at FamilySearch (beta) doing a little snooping.  Unlike cousin Anne, I have not been able to spend hours snooping, and unlike very lucky good researcher cousin Anne, I have found very little.  Seaches for several marriages in the New York marriage collection, nadda.  I have come to the conclusion, they must have married on some space ship!

So, I took a quick gander at the Arkansas marriage data base, and found one!  WAHHOOO.  Gotta say, however, if I did not have the date and full names for the bride and groom, I probably would not have looked at the image for WH Pershall and NA Burns or, as I know them to be:  William Henry Pershall and Nancy Almeda Burns.

OK, for the moment it appears I have found all the Arkansas marriages I am gonna find.  So, I note that the site is also offering Deaths in Georgia up to (and including) 1930.  OOO, I have a death in Georgia for mid 1930, and I don't have this fellow's parent's names, could I possibly find his death recorded on the data base, get an image, and would there be, please let there be:

Well, moving sideways, I got the death certificate, but, sighhhhhhh, no parents names.  Bummed, I have their marriage record already, and nope, no parents names there either.

Two steps forward, errr, sideways.  But, I got documents!  WAHHOOOOO!

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Karen said...

Very nice images indeed! I should be so lucky!

TennLady said...

In all the stuff I found in the last few days, not one image.

TennLady said...

And the Arkansas stuff has been up for a while.

Carol said...

Arkansas may have been up for a while, but you know what the WO's say, they won't be found till tis time. Guess it was their time.

lindalee said...

The day will come with Pennsylvania begins to post some of their docs free on line...then Linda will be a happy camper!

Southwest Arkie said...

Isn't it funny how it all seems to happen at it's own pace? I spend alot of time going sideways and . LOL