Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Fess up time.

I cannot spell. (Good thing that in my most favorite sport that Spelling Don't Count!)

I live by spell checkers and copy/paste. They are my survival kit computer style. I use google, map programs, word processors, find my word, and COPY - PASTE!

Works MOST of the time. But, alas, NOT ALL THE TIME!!

Despite my best shot, well, several tries anyway, I still could not get this one right, Muk-a-whata??

Should be Mukwonago, according to Montana friend Terri. I had it spelled Mukwanago on at least two blog posts, here and here. Geesh, Terri, even my best attempt failed this time, and I swear I looked it up online, on Microsoft Streets & Trips, and probably a couple of other places too.

Not only can't I spell it, I know I cannot pronounce it!

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