Thursday, September 3, 2009

My three favorite summer vacations, by Son # 2 and finacee’

Continuing with the submissions my family so graciously wrote for the challange of "My 3 favorite summer vacation memories".

Son # 3 wrote:

1.) Helicopter ride with Dad. Reminds me of Dad’s playful nature and his ability to make spur of the moment decisions that at times could provide a lot of not expected fun.

2.) Cave at Branson, Missouri. I remember 3 things during the tour:
  • The cavern was so large that a hot air balloon was inflated inside.
  • That bat poop was used for waterproof mascara.
  • The man who discovered the cave threw a rock down the hole and he did not hear it hit bottom and thought he had found the entrance to Hell.

3.) Trip to Virginia with mom, lots of time together, I was just becoming an adult and the interactions between us were more mature.

Son # 3 is engaged, his sweetie went on our family campout this summer, even tho she is not super thrilled with camping. And, she willingly complied with my request and drew me some images as well. She addressed the page to Mrs. XXXXX, 1st Hour. (Cracked me up!) She wrote:

My 3 Best Vacation or Summer Memories are:

1.) Going to Camp Gordonwood in Holly/Ortonville, Michigan. Accompanied by drawing of Muck Lake and Cabin 3-A

2.) Driving to Texas in our minivan with my parents. 2 day drive, the hotel, swimming pool was a BIG highlight for us kids. Accompanied by a great little drawing of Texas.

3.) Going to Cedar Point, accompanied by a drawing, but of course.

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