Sunday, September 13, 2009

This 'n That, from the disaster, errrr, my office

I have a few projects going. OK, I have a LOT of projects going. Cemetery stomping, book formatting, photo and slide scanning, tossing whatever I can find that is no longer needed. Somehow, I seem to end up with more papers and piles of papers/projects than I manage to toss. You know the saying about rabbits multiplying, well, papers/projects and piles in my office could teach the local rabbits a thing or two about multiplying. It is so bad lately that even Man commented. Now THAT is bad.

Some of you may remember my rants back in August about and printing, or rather, NOT printing. I thought at first it was my computer/printer. After a day of chatting with the WO's, I knew it was NOT my computer/printer. It was, and the situation had been going on for about 3 weeks. I had been blissfully traveling about Michigan and Wisconsin and just did not know about's difficulties.

Since then, I have been also blissfully busy, with the cemeteries, photos, scanning and life. I have hardly used in the weeks since. Some of the non-use was because of the busy stuff, part was, because, in all truth, I just could not deal with the frustration. So, I put my head in the sand, did a few social security death index lookups and otherwise ignored the problem, and quietly prayed it would be fixed.

But, alas, a die hard researcher just has to get back to the game, eh?? So, this AM, I decided to go snooping for the parents of a Lashbrook bride. I knew where to look and what years I wanted to find. 1920 in Nebraska. Found them pretty quickly on the index. Click for image. OKKKKK, wait for image, wait more, more wait, and MORE waiting! Talk about a slow load. Did you hear my groans? Yea, I know you did.

The new split screen is interesting, I can see it will be useful, but, will I be able to print the way I used to, heavens, will I be able to print at all??

WHAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Looks like FINALLY got the problems solved. I printed the 1920 census just the way I wanted. I checked a 1910, yep, that too. World War I Registrations, bingo, they print too. I checked just a few data bases, and all appeared that they would print.

I don't know when fixed this mess. I don't really care. That said, I will stand on my comments back in August:

"Come on Ancestry, we pay big $$$ for your service. You have been losing our good will for a while now, but, this one really takes the cake, as they say in France!

Mixed metaphors, whatever, frustration does that to a person.

Fix it Ancestry and faster would be better!"

I did not have time to check more, I have these piles of slides, photos, cemeteries and more to work on.

Left: One of today's "lookie see what I found" finds. I did NOT outfit the child like this, my step-sisters did. (Say what, you ask, step-sisters? we did not know you had step-sisters! Hey, more fodder for future blog posts!)

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lindalee said...

Is that the Lone Ranger? LOL I know your pain about the piles of papers around the computer and the split ancestry screen. I end up downloading the report from ancestry to a thumb drive and then printing it from there.