Thursday, September 17, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday, the Googly Eye Doll

This replica of a Googly Eye Doll was hand made in Germany. Son # 1 and his bride found a doll maker in Regensburg and brought this sweet thing home to me. Her oak high chair was made by Amish (either in the Elkhart County Indiana or Holmes County Ohio area).

I saw a photo of a very old Googly Eye Doll in a magazine and was immediately infatuated. I don't have a large doll collection, but I do have a few that caught my imagination and a spot in my heart. For me, it is usually love at first sight.

Tonight a little snooping on the Internet gave this description, "GOOGLY EYES: Big, round, side-glancing eyes, very popular on dolls from 1910s through the 1920s." A nice article about Googly Dolls can be found at

There were a lot of dolls with Googly Eyes for sale too! But I have mine and she is a treasure to me.

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Anonymous said...

She is precious. I am settling for a Marie Osmond doll. She will be delivered next week. Mine is cute, but yours is wonderful. You are very fortunate