Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lookie what I found, in my pond


We live where we frequently see lots of wildlife, including deer (I saw my first buck in 15 years just 2 days ago early early in the AM, did NOT get a photo). Also see ducks, geese, and a large variety of birds like hummingbirds, cardinals, finches of all colors, doves and blue birds. We see the occasional wild turkey, even more rare sand hill cranes and super rare blue heron. We have had a heron, JUST ONE mind you, visit the pond for well over 5 years. Usually I see him (or her) in August, and there is no getting close to him. Period!

I have been wanting a photo of him (or her) for well over 5 years. Did not happen, till tonight. I spied him (or her), late in the evening, the sun was shining right on him (or her). I grabbed the camera, went to the window, zoomed for all it was worth (12 times zoom), and started shooting photos. I took around 20, there are about 8 that were worth saving, and this one is the best by far. Yes, I Photoshopped it, auto enhance one time and sharpen one time.

Just as nice, he (or she??) stayed down there for a long time, well over an hour, and may still be there, it is too dark to tell.

The 5 year wait was worth it, I spent a fun hour at the window taking his (her??) photo. Without a stronger zoom/camera this will probably be the best I can hope for, it will do nicely.

*Remember the trick, click on the image for larger view, click on back button to return to the blog.

**I say him or her, because I have NO idea if this is a male or female. I am lucky to think I know it is a blue heron.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Carol. It is a Blue Heron. We have hundreds of them around Samish Island. Their rookery is in the campground woods. We call it the white forest for obvious reasons. You might check your trees for a nest, or it may just be passing through. The herons here stay year round. They are probably after frogs or small fish.

Amy Coffin said...

Great picture! We have many blue herons on our lake. They have different personalities. Some are quite comfortable when I walk by. Some take off in flight. Lovely birds.

Thanks for sharing your blue heron with us.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Love the photo, Carol! You take such good ones. The scene is so peaceful and pretty!!

Carol said...

Thank you so much Sherry!