Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tana on the Road, Goshen, Day 5 of the Rally

Day 5, can it be? The Rally is flying by, so much fun, so little time.

Another day with seminars, our last, some new seminars were added to the line up, including one about traveling to Alaska and one on full timing. This year we had two tents available, and this set up has worked out very nicely. Here are Stacey and Bill presenting the seminar in the small tent on traveling to Alaska:

Our evening was free time to spend wandering around visiting MOC'ers or the Mennonite Relief Sale over in the main area of the Elkhart County Fairgrounds. A number of the gals wandered over and oooooed and ahhhhhed at the quilts that will be auctioned off on Saturday morn.

If you were wondering what a lap harp is or looks like (see reference to Terrie's taking Moi back to Shipshewana for said purchase, Day 3 and 4 blog post), here ya go:

The lap harp measures about 14 inches cross the bottom, 8 inches cross the top and 8 inches from bottom to top. Small, portable, fits in Tana, fun to play, easy to learn, not expensive, and for its small size, the sound is surprisingly pleasant.

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