Monday, September 21, 2009

Tana on the Road, Goshen, The Rally begins

Today was the first official day of the Montana Owners Club Fall Rally 2009.

Some had their rigs weighed.

A MOC member who now owns another brand and is in the area, had a spot of trouble today, they broke out a rear window. They were able to get a replacement immediately from the manufacturer, but needed help lifting it in and out, windows weigh a LOT! So, Man and Skip went right over there and helped Don get the busted window out:

And, not long after, Don had the new window in.

Last week Don and wife spent several hours washing the rig of another MOC forum member. WHY?? Because this forum member has been having some pretty serious health issues. Don and wife wanted to do something for this other member, because. Well because Don and wife are special people.

Man and Skip were very happy to be able to return the favor and help Don install his new window.

The Montana Owners Club is a special online forum, many of us become life long friends. Those friendships do not stop when one of us no longer owns a Montana.

As MOC members know, we consider ourselves more than a club or online forum, we consider ourselves family.

This is only part of why we value our MOC membership, friends and family.

And, this is not the only example of MOC helping MOC today. See the next blog entry for another fine example and a bit more about the day. Right now, it is very late, and tomorrow this Fall Rally really kicks into high gear!

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Daniel Levi said...

Carol, your blog is great! It presents the real flavor of MOC. Wish we were there.

Judy Denner