Monday, September 21, 2009

Tana on the road, Goshen, pre-Rally day

THE Rally officially begins Monday, however, by Saturday evening 25 of the units had arrived and by Sunday evening 43 units were on the Rally site.

Man worked on the computers, air card and router till he tweaked ALL back into fine working order. (I wanted to say submission, but, I am sure they would all revolt if they heard that - yes, they hear all those insults - you just think they are machines!)

Visiting, laughing, hugs and catching up with friends, some we have only met via the forum, how wonderful to meet face to face.

The fellas will always find mechanical stuff to chat about, and even better - - FIX or INSTALL. See:

Some of the tools:

Some of the gals took a walk, led by Terrie, who did part of her daily with one group, and another half with Moi. Thanks Terrie, that was a great walk. YEA!!!

I found a few flowers to take photos of, including this pink lovely behind a fence. Found some roses over by the horse barns I want to try to digitally capture too.

A campfire at the end of a great pre-Rally day.

Monday, has started a bit dampish, but, that will not keep the MOC down. Rally on!!


lindalee said...

You're back on the road again. Do I understand that you also have a website out on geocities? I am having a devil of a time migrating it to yahoo. Hopefully by the weeks end, it will all be

Carol said...

Yes, Linda, I do have a geocities batch of web pages to move. I am scared after reading your blog!