Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tana on the road, Goshen

Decided to come early for the MOC Rally. Pleasant drive in, cept for the Saturday Sunday drivers. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon, lots of people out enjoying, and enjoying pulling in front of that 22,000 pound Tana/Big Butt combo! Sure would be nice if they would pull out and then accelerate!

Set up in our site/home for the next week.

Router is sick, so, we are having a spot of trouble accessing the net. Challenge of life. Not even challenge of life on the road, just life.

But, as you can see, Man got something to work! WAHHOOO

Now, Rally on. About 75 units due, about 25 of them already here and the Rally does not start till tomorrow! We need a 2 week Rally! I'd bet that some of us would still arrive early!

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