Friday, September 25, 2009

Tana on the Road, Goshen, Day 3 and 4 of the Rally

Wow, have been so busy I have not had 10 minutes free to sit here and blog/chat. So, where were we??

OHHH, ya, Day 3: Man spent it taking in seminars. Moi spent it spending $$ and $hopping with the gals in Shipshewana. We had quite a few trucks, full of gals with credit card$ and ca$h. We $hopped and had lunch, and $hopped some more. My $hopping gal pals:

One of our favorite eateries in Shipshewana.

All this $hopping meant the MOC $hopping gals were too tired to fix dinner, ok, not really, HAHA, but makes for a good story??

Tiara RV in Elkhart has been hosting a nice dinner for us during the Rally for about 3 years now. They did another outstanding job. Thanks Tiara!! Campfire was nice the evening of Day 2, lots more laughter and lie telling!

Day 3 of the Rally: Filled with seminars, this year we even had one given by the Decor Department of Keystone. The ladies had a lot of ideas for them! Thanks Keystone for adding this seminar to the agenda. Day 3 was THE POT LUCK! The MOC cooks out did themselves. Amazing! After dinner we were entertained by the Montanettes and their band, the Montunes.

Day 3, Terrie and I slipped back to Shipshewanna for about an hour and we both came home with lap harps. 20 minutes of practice and we were a duet! We played for a bit last night after the REAL entertainment.

No photos by Moi for Day 3, I was not toting the Canon Powershot.

Special friends John and Marge arrive late Day 3, so great to see them. Special friends John and Donna scheduled to arrive Day 4.

Rally on!!

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lindalee said...

What a wonderful time with good friends....only one question....where are all the shopping bags? LOL