Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tana on the road, Gypsy Journal Rally, Day 3

FINALLY, the sun came out.  It has been pretty gloomy round here, no rain, but that wind just kept a comin'.  Can we spell cold ??  Yes, we can, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Slide show presentations are so fabulous!  I know I just LOVE teaching that way.  Start with projectors and slide show presentations, add in some Internet connections, and we have powerful tools to teach with.  Powerpoint presentations abound here at the Gypsy Journal Rally!  Good stuff!

We have been learning more about air cards, routers, amplifiers for cell/air cards; YouTube; and Google Earth, which we have not used in a number of years, WOWIE, what improvements on that site!  Man attended some sessions on extended warranties and tires and such.  We are learning tricks and hints that we did not know.  Yes, we can always learn something new!  How great is that?

Nick the Gypsy has this scheduling thing down.  Sessions long enough, but not TOO long and lunch breaks sufficiently long so that you can eat, do some necessary room visits, check email, blog a little, visit the vendors and then get to the next session.

Dinner was a pizza party, good eats, nice chatting with others at our table, including the Geeks On Tour.  After dinner we were entertained by One More Time, Melissa and Larry Beahm, who full time, traveling and entertaining.  Another very pleasant ending to a long, seminar packed day.

Tomorrow is the last day, one more day packed with seminars.  Where is my schedule??

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