Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tana on the road, Gypsy Journal Rally, Day 2

At this Rally they schedule a LOT of seminars at the same time.  This is great and bad.  Great choices, and you are just about guaranteed there is always a class you want to attend.  Bad, because sometimes you want to attend 2 in the same time frame, and you all know how well I make choices, if not, re-read my first blog and contemplate the name of this blog.

Man and I pretty much have chosen different seminars for each time frame, so, he runs one way, I another.  We have visited some of the vendors, $pent $ome $$$ and have enjoyed each of the presentations.  I am doing many of the classes presented by Geeks on Tour (see my Dancing Fern, thanks to them) and Nick's (the Gypsy) presentations as well.  This evening we also thoroughly enjoyed a slide show by Art Hesselbart of the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.  He had the most fabulous photos of old RV's.  Art has a dry sense of humor and colorful stories. What a great way to end the day.

Last night Man and Moi won a door prize to a local restaurant.  Italian.  I had Italian last night, tonight, and tomorrow is the pizza party here a the Rally.  I might have to change my name to Maria??  Or Rosalina??  Our door prize gifts were to Bella's Italian Grill, Celina, Ohio, overlooking Grand Lake.  Our dinner was superb, including the peanut butter oreo cookie pie for desert.  Reasonably priced, delicious.  Thank you to Bella's and the Gypsy Journal Rally, MMMMMMM good!

Man, is already indicating he wants to do this Rally again.  I am looking at the travel brochures and such for Grand Lake and what the area has to offer and I KNOW I want to come back.  The lake was constructed as a feeder lake for the Miami-Erie Canal back in the 1837-45 time frame.  It was the largest man-made lake in the world.  It was hand dug!  Yes, you read that correctly, HAND DUG!  Being that this area is less than 150 miles from our stick built, I believe we need to seriously consider revisiting this area during the summer.

We are enjoying this Rally.  So different than last weeks, but, wonderful too.   Now, I have to check the list of seminars for day 3, hmmmmmmmmm, the choices are difficult.

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Ron and Thelma said...

Hey Carol. I know how the GJ rally is. We attended last year> It was a couple of weeks earlier. This year it is the same as our retiree rally here in Brown County. I wish he would move it back a couple of weeks. I did all the Geeks seminars last year. Also did two at the escapade in Sedalia, Mo this summer They are great.