Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tana on the Road, Goshen, Day 6 of the Rally

Day 6 = PLANT TOUR! One of great draws of this Rally, a tour of the plant where they manufacture our beloved Montanas.

Groups of up to 16 are given the royal tour, insider looks at new product (shhhhh, we don't tell til AFTER the Louisville show), and all questions answered. We LOVE our plants tours.

Some of the gals had drivers training class, they go in intimidated and come out driving and backing these huge units into campsites. The transformation is astonishing! Thank you Keystone for continuing to offer this class, and for your patient instructors.

Most of the afternoon was spent visiting, saw a few repairs being done, plastic storm door improvements and such. Have never seen as many repairs done by MOC members for MOC members as we have this year.

At 3:30 we gathered for a group photo, then a wine and cheese get together and a white elephant gift exchange. Man and Moi and several others skipped all but the group photo and had a little chat and lie session at our Tana. What an enjoyable afternoon.

Our campfires have been great, we have a couple of guys that are true artists at building campfires. Gathering each night is such fun, laughs, stories, and of course, more lies! (Now ya all know I am just kidding bout the lies. RIGHT??)

This has been a great Rally, not quite over, but winding down. This one will be talked about for years to come. The Wagon Masters and Assistant Wagon Masters and Keystone and the MOC have all done an outstanding job.


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