Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where oh where is that photo??

While scanning the last few days, I have re-discovered some great photos, like the one in yesterday’s blog. Not that a photo of Moi is such earth shattering news, but Man is awful cute, eh?? Seriously, it was a fun discovery, or re-discovery for me.

I dismantled some of those awful photo albums the last couple of days, goodness, what they did to the color on some of the photos. Adobe Photoshop corrected some of the discoloration, not perfect, but you know what they say, beggars cannot be choosers.

One of the discoveries in the last album was of Son # 3. True it is not the best photo in the world, it is rather out of focus. However, I will over look that, for this photo has Son # 3 sitting in the Whitmer cradle. Look close, there it is.

The Whitmer cradle was hand made from black walnut in about 1900. Sellestine Whitmer made it for his daughter, Ida Matilda Whitmer Halterman. Ida was expecting her first child.

Sellestine is my great great grandfather. Ida is my great grandmother. We have had 5 generations use this cradle since Sellestine made it. I currently am the caretaker of the cradle, it is one of my most prized family heirlooms.

When I re-discovered this photo, first thought was, out of focus, second thought, HEY WAIT A MINUTE! That is the cradle. Photographic proof of generation # 4. I know I have proof of generation # 5, L & M. L & M's parents humored me and brought the girls over and put up with all my fussing over HAVING to have a photo of the girls in the Whitmer cradle, thank you Son and daughter-in-law!

I believe there was photographic proof of generation # 3 (Moi), I remember seeing such a photo years ago. Was there photographic proof of generation # 2 (my mother)? You bet I am gonna ask her. I doubt there were ever any photos of any of the 3 girls that represent generation # 1.

So, now I will be hunting for photos of the Whitmer cradle to see how many generations I can photographically prove used the cradle.

Where IS that photo??


lindalee said...

What a treasure you have there....the children and the cradle.

Carol said...

Thank you Linda. I think I agree! LOL

Myrna said...

What an awesome cradle. I have a few treasures from the past, but not one that old. Then comes the dilemma of what to do with them when both sons show no interest. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Wonderful heirloom! (and cute kids!)