Sunday, August 30, 2009

79th Carnival of Genealogy, Carnival of Family Reunions, Lashbrook style

This is my contribution to the Carnival of Family Reunions!

This edition is being hosted by M. Diane Rogers at CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt'

Her challenge is, in part: Have you been to a family reunion recently? What do you know about past family reunions?

Did not attend this reunion, it took place in 1933, a few years before I was the twinkle in my daddie’s eye. As matter of fact, this is Man’s family, not mine, and he was not a twinkle either.

This photo came to me from Helen Gallmeyer DeWitt, a family member that lives in the area of Iowa where this reunion was held. If she told me how she came to have the photo, I apologize, as I do not remember. A few years ago we visited Iowa and she shared oodles and oodles of information and photos with me. She left them with me for several nights and I scanned for hours and hours. Believe I scanned over 200 photos and other family history delights.

Helen had marvelous photos, many, if not most, with names. She had no idea who some of the people were, however, I did know. In her collection I found this photo of the Lashbrook family reunion that took place in 1933. The really wonderful thing was that there was also a list of everyone IN the photo. Talk about a genie-jackpot!

I scanned this photo at a very high resolution and size. This allowed me to Photoshop individual faces out of the group photo. For many of these people I had NO photo at all until the family reunion photo was given to me. One of my genie-goals is to have a photo for everyone in my data base, sadly, many of these photos are of headstones, not the person when they were alive. This family reunion photo helped me towards that genie-goal.

What a wonderful gift this photo is, I thank Helen Gallmeyer DeWitt for her generosity and sharing, and the party, unknown to me, that identified all these relatives.

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lindalee said...

What a gold mine for you. Too many of my photos have no name and if there is, my grandmother must have used super glue to attach them to the photo albums. To remove to destroy them!