Friday, May 1, 2009

This 'n That, from Fort Wayne

Have to say, Fort Wayne has some charming, lovely parks, the downtown ones are always well kept, clean. But, they are really special in the spring, the crab trees in full bloom and the tulips are amazing.

Man had a pretty good day yesterday, they did a economical fix on Big Butt, time will tell if it is a full fix, if not, it was a good place to start. He got to Best Buy, got a sale price/refund on a purchase he made recently, over $100. so, WAHHOOOO.

Back in the library this AM, found a very very very distant relationship to the White Sewing Machine family, no blood, but a lot of marriages will take me from my great great grandmother to the Whites. Fun stuff, and another history lesson via family history research.

Two accident victims, one a grandson of a Rving friend and one the wife of a Darden cousin, have been healing well and the latest reports we have on their health sure are good. The grandson, who was not expected to live 24 hours, is now complaining about the meat loaf served by the hospital. Cousin Jan is also doing much better, was released yesterday from her second stay in the hospital since her accident. We PTL for the return of their health and pray that they continue on this road away from pain and suffering.

We made some Rally plans this AM, the Fall Rally for the Montana gang, September in Goshen and prelim plans for the Great Lakes Rally , same gang, in late July in Mackinaw. WAHOOO

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