Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's Johnny - - Appleseed

Last few days have had Tana parked at the Johnny Appleseed City Park/Campground in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lovely park, and another history lesson in the making.

So, now is the time for readers to Google, Johnny Appleseed, there is a great piece on him at Wikipedia, and if you know about Find A Grave, try searching for John Chapman, Indiana.

Photo above, is the burial site, with apple trees in bloom, right is stone at the burial site.

Yes, there is some controversy if this is the "exact" site, will leave that to others to discuss and argue. For the rest of us, if you love apples and the story, come pay his resting place a visit.

Fort Wayne does a great job of history preservation, city parks and more. And the home of the Allen County Public Library, haven for family researchers. Well worth a visit.

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