Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another veteran

Being Memorial Day weekend, hopefully you are paying tribute to your family and your families veterans.

In reviewing the direct lines of both Man and Moi, I do not find a great number of veterans. It is amazing, many of our direct line ancestors (grand, great grands, great great grands, etc.) were born in such a time that they did not serve in any major wars.

However, my grandfather, Hayden Eugene Bowen did serve during World War I, photo at the right is poor at best, but it is all that survived the many hurricanes of the east coast.

Records from United States Navy indicate he enlisted June 14, 1918 at Charleston, South Carolina, served active duty, July 29, 1918 to Dec 21, 1918, at Pensacola Florida. His rank was Aviation Machinist Mate. He received the World War I Victory Medal.

Hayden died 21 June 1966 and is buried at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery in Norfolk Virginia.

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