Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't share? OK, contemplate this

Since Man is still in the invalid stage of his post surgery, I have spent good hunks of the last 2 days on the mowing machine.

Sooooo, let me ramble away - - - - -

You are a family research fanatic. You spend vacations chasing headstones, obituaries, visiting libraries, churches, documenting your ancestors. You spend a hunk of $$ doing all this. You spend any time you can find the rest of the year organizing, putting this all on a computer data base, ordering more death and marriage certificates, chasing wills, photos.

If you are like me, Ancestry.com, Find A Grave, Rootsweb sites including GenWeb sites, FamilySearch.org and many other sites are listed in your Favorites on your computer. Usually you have all these web sites open on your computer at the same time, and you flip flip flip, back and forth between all the data bases, searching, and searching and ............

You are a rather selfish sort and don't share your data base, or even parts of it with others. You will have lots of excuses, ohhhhh, I want to publish a book on this and if I share it, no one will buy it. OKKKKKKKK. For now, we will let that argument pass.

Lets jump right to, what happens to your research, your hours and hours, $$$ and more $$$ if perhaps, heavens forbid, you head out tomorrow and don't come back. You know, like you pass to the greater rewards on the other side.......................... okkkk, you die!

You have not shared with anyone. Your immediate family, well, lets be honest, they really don't care all that much about this research and family stuff. They pitch it, ALL of it, don't look, don't care, just clean out the junk, clean out the house, hurry, we have things to do and our own lives, kids, jobs, TOSS IT!!

What a shame, because you did not share before you passed, all your time, efforts, $$$, work, all gone, it just got tossed.

OK, don't share. But, answer me this:


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