Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wish you could smell it

OK, lousy title, but the thought is what counts!

On the way back to the stick last week, we did a stop at a MickeyDees for rest and fuel. We were hurrying towards the entrance door (you figure out why we were hurrying---) when I smelled a little bit o heaven, and it was NOT the burgers frying!

Imagine the fragrance of lilacs on steroids. It is the best description of the smell of a Koren Spice in bloom that I can come up with.

I have had a Korean Spice at the last two sticks. When we moved out here, I lamented, I will never find another one of those, I am gonna miss that smell of Heaven each spring. Either the first or second spring here we were walking through a nursery when, what did I smell, yep, that sweetness, that wonder. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around and found - - small Korean Spice bushes. Price, who cares, I want one and I am not leaving without it!

I did that same stop dead in my tracks thingy at the MickeyDees the other day. Yep, Korean Spice, they had at least 8 of them planted around the back of the building.

When we arrived back at the stick we discover that our Korean Spice is in full bloom, I sure wish you could smell via computer and blogs..


Myrna said...

Wish I could smell them. It almost looks like a hydrangea.

Carol said...

The bloom does look like that, and it maybe in that family. All the hydrangea I have ever had, never, ever, smelled like this thing. So sorry you cannot smell them, the wind will carry the scent for quite some distance.