Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This 'n That, 2 notes from the road

Monday on the way back to the stick built:

Spotted along side the road, one lone white plastic lawn chair. Placed in such a way if you were seated you would be observing the oncoming traffic. Chair was clean, white, sparkling new. Was in someone's yard, placed within 3 feet of roadway. Struck our funny bones, would love to know the WHY.

Electronic addict that I am, I just LOVE sending birthday cards, free birthday cards, from Hallmark while Man is driving Big Butt, hauling Tana to the sticks. I remember, quite well, in 2001 when Man retired from the real world what electronics and travel were like.

Cell phones, for one thing, were larger. We had ONE. Coverage was so so, but, it did allow us to be in touch with family, as long as we were near a city, ohhhhh, RVing takes us away from the cities, well...... Now we have two cells.

Air cards, ha ha, not in 2001. Connection to Internet was via AOL and hard wired phone lines, as in telephone lines. Some, NOT all, campgrounds were making phone lines available, local calls only please. I used said lines in laundry rooms, in campground offices and my all time fav, from a phone booth, standing up, in deep southern Georgia, OUTSIDE.

Routers, the only router we used in 2001 was printed on paper, it was called a map!

Cut to 2009, Monday, rolling down the byways of rural Ohio, router with air card running on 12 volt power, computer running on 12 volt power, and MOI, sending birthday greetings.

Yaa, love the electronics when they work, yaa, I am addicted!


Karen said...

What a difference a few years makes eh? Got this feeling that you are not the only one seriously addicted... perhaps the majority of our society today can not manage without all our electronic toys???? I am guilty for sure.....

TennLady said...

At least you weren't driving. We almost got creamed in the parking lot by some bimbo texting while driving.