Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blast from the past

Man and I decide to visit the Amish country in and around Holmes County Ohio as part of our short get away. We visited here many years ago and had not been back since. We do love visiting Amish areas, the food, the beautiful countryside, the shopping, the quilts!

When last we visited here, we stayed in a rather new campground, on top of a hill, got hit by a buggar of a storm, one of the worst we have been in, had hail damage to the entire side of the rig we had, $5000. worth of damage. We tell the story, well, I tell the story - -

The unit had 2 entry doors, one came into the bedroom at the back of the unit, the other came in between the living room and the kitchen of the unit. So, we had front kitchen, living room, mid bath, and rear bedroom. We had that unit for almost 15 years, put a lot of miles on it, have lots of good RVing and camping memories.

Storm hits, torrential rain, wind - - thought it would blow the trailer over, and HAIL. I manage to jump out and get back door closed, the hail was increasing in size and amounts, it hurt my back. Could not get front door closed, the hail was just too much. Rain is coming in sideways, getting the refrigerator front wet, that is 6 feet away from the door. New computer sitting on table, did not get wet.

In my "infinite wisdom" ?????? I grab two bath towels and stand in front of the screen door trying to block some of the rain. By the end of storm, towels are soaked, I am soaked from head to toe, carpet is wet, throw rugs are soaked. Hubby is soaked, ohhhhh, well, he was in the shower while I fought Mother Nature, I guess he was supposed to be soaked.

Cut to this visit, we made a call to be sure the campground we have chosen is open, it is, we do not remember name of the campground from years ago. We suspect, but won't know till we arrive.

YEP, same place, the one with the hill. It has grown a lot since our last visit, lots of sites to choose from, and what do we do, but pick almost the same site as we had years ago.

Hope there are no storms while we are here. Oh, dear! Photo is Tana sitting on the hill.

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