Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ring, Ring, where is the Ring?

Well, dear me, story to tell on MOI!!

Plugged the cell in last night to charge.

Cut to this AM after the Man drops me off at the library. I realize the cell is NOT in my pocket. Oh, no, how can I contact Man later to arrange for him to pick me up at library?

I did not look, but, I doubt there was a old fashioned pay phone in that huge library, ahhhh, remember those, drop in a dime and make a call.

Anyway, I contemplate, come up with plan A. Plan A is, write him an email, he will be back in Tana sometime during the day and will be surfing. Hope he checks his email.

Hours later, no return email. HMMMMM, now what? OKKKK, need plan B. What shall it be???

I know!! Start emailing or see if I can find someone online at Facebook. Emailed one friend, and Facebook two. "HELP!!! NOW!!!"

They all respond, two phone calls to the Man by two good friends, some more emails, lots of thanks and lots of giggles.

Mission accomplished!!

Don't cha just LOVE technology when it works!

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