Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hummer in love?

Last night while sitting on the deck, enjoying the fabulous weather, clean yorkies, gentle breezes, low humidity and life in general, we had a hummer (hummingbird) buzzin' the gazebo.

Hummer buzzin' is a pure delight, as you get to see them up close and personal and if they really get close enough you can feel the vibrations their wings make. I can remember the first time I experienced the vibrations, it is so amazing, they are so small and to make that gentle rumbling of the air is, well, words cannot describe!

So, last night this hummer kept coming back under the gazebo. My first thought was, OKKKK, time to get the feeder out and fill it with sugar water for him, gotta be hungry, he is trying to tell me something here.

Because he was attacking the kitchen window, my second thought was, he must have been watching Mr. Robin who about a month or so ago was trying to break into the basement via window.

But Man points out something different, he thinks hummer is in love. With the glass hummer hanging on the kitchen window.

A horny hummer??

*Photo, his love interest.

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