Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you like Spam??

Do you like Spam??

NOOOOO, I don't mean this kind, I mean the kind that your email account(s) spits out at you, day in, and day out. (One time I let it accumulate, over several months, I had over 1200 emails in my Spam mail box. You read it right, over 1200!)

This 'important' email tells me my Pay Pal account has been compromised, sure thing, only I don't have one. Ditto EBay, I don't have an account, so how could it be compromised??

Lots of people want to give me lots of $$$, mega millions. Don't I wish that were true??

I am such a skeptic I don't believe word one of all these emails, but, what is really inconvenient is that I must continually monitor the Spam mail boxes on my email accounts, because some of the good stuff slips in there in error. I know I have ditched batches of Spam email and some of the good stuff went bye bye with it.

This continual monitoring takes time, more than I care to admit to. Now, that is really irritating.

You don't like Spam, do you??

*Photo taken in 2005 on visit by Man and Moi to Austin, Minnesota, Spam Museum. This is part of a large mural they have there. If you have not had the opportunity to visit, you have missed a fun place. Now there is some Spam you just might like!

**If you think I might have deleted an email you sent me, ya know, the good stuff, my apologies, and please write again.

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