Saturday, May 9, 2009

Had a great visit in Amish country

As is the way with RV's, it is time to move on.

The meals were great, shopping great, scenery great.

Yesterday Man says, lets hit some more furniture stores (looking for a small table for Tana). We hit a LOT of stores. He says, 2 in Millersburg, but, did not look at map. Well, they have Millersburg mailing addresses. Ooops. No problem, we fill Big Butt with gas, look at maps this time, not just the mailing addresses and decide to head to other towns nearby.

Man says, lets use the GPS (could blog about GPS for days, good, bad, ugly and in between), so, I say, okkkkkkk, use this town name, we can go cross country that way.

Man had a blast, hills, lots of farms, more hills, more farms. A few wrong turns, even with the GPS, and well, we ended up on some back roads, no longer paved, narrow, while we finally listened to the GPS and went where it took us, a big circle I believe.

Getting lost can be fun! Even with the GPS.

Enjoyed the visit, need to come back more often, and not wait over 10 years before our next visit.

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TennLady said...

Sounds like some of our trips with GPS!