Monday, May 25, 2009

Clifton Bowen, Revolutionary War, solider and service

Clifton Bowen is my 5th great grandfather. He was born in North Carolina around the area of what is now Duplin County, date of birth between 1736 and 1738. He died in 1789 in or around Bulloch County Georgia, place of burial, most likely a family farm/home plot, place now lost to all but his Maker.

Clifton Bowen served in the Revolutionary War as a Lt. in the Duplin County, North Carolina militia. He was honorably discharged in 1781 because of a pulmonary ailment that made him too weak to carry on.

The North Carolina Archives provided copies of several Revolutionary Pay Vouchers and a certified copy of a claim number 1797, from Volume W-1, page 28, said claim paying 6 pounds 19 shillings. Claim number 1797 was also provided in photocopy form, showing date of 16 March 1782. Other claims were: # 1693, appears to pay 13 pounds, 19 shillings (several holes in claim, so amount was hard to read), dated 16 March 1782. Claim #1230, pays 2 pounds 6 shillings, bearing date of 12 Dec. 1782. Claim # 61, pays 4000 pounds, dated 25 Oct. 1781. Claim # 311, pays 15 pounds 3 shillings, dated 11 Dec. 1781. Claim # 232, appears to pay 410 pounds (holes in this claim, making it difficult to read), date appears to be 1781.

Several ladies, including Moi, have earned entry into the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution because of Clifton's service.

The line between Moi and Clifton is: Donald Eugene Bowen I (see blog for Friday, May 22, 2009)
Hayden Eugene Bowen (see blog for Sunday, May 24, 2009)
Joseph Eugene Bowen (no military service has been found)
Hezekiah Bowen (Confederate solider)
Hezekiah Bowen (no military service has been found)
Mark Bowen (no military service has been found)
Clifton Bowen (subject of this blog)

My friends and distant cousins have posted some of their honored and loved Veterans here:


Today is Memorial Day 2009, we honor those that have served.

*Document courtesy of the North Carolina Archives

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lindalee said...

Thanks for your comment on my soldier. He has a pretty complete pension file. He actually lost his status as a soldier that could be used to join the DAR. I guess some family members joined under his name into the 1920's. Most of my family, who joined, used another of our ancestors, Robert Hill, who had more service. Love your dog.