Thursday, May 14, 2009

One of the joys of country living

You know the routine, going out of town for a week or so, place hold on mail.

You can choose on the mail hold to have it delivered on a specific date by the mail person, or going in and picking up the mail yourself when you return.

I have done both, last trip out we really had no plans, a "seat of the pants" type getaway. So, I put a date of return much later than I knew would happen, and specified, "I will pick up the mail."

Monday when we were backing Tana into the yard/drive Man temporarily had the road blocked, and along came our mailman (he is a man). We live on a rural route, not a "walkable" route. Mailman calmly waited in his vehicle while Man backed Tana up far enough to clear road. Mailman gave us a friendly wave.

Tuesday, we had planned to hop in car and take a early run to the post office to retrieve, but, alas, stuff happened and it was lunch before we knew it. This is a small community, so the post office closes for lunch hour. OK, we will run over there after lunch. More stuff happened and it was after 2ish and we still had not retrieved mail.

Knock, knock! Yorkies do the "hey mom, someone is at the door" noise. Who is there?? My mailman, with our mail!

Mailman says, saw you were home, noticed when I left for my run today that you had not come to pick up your mail, slow day, decided to bring it to you.

SWEET!!!! One of the joys of country living, a mailman who knows you and goes out of his way.

Thanks mailman!!

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