Monday, May 18, 2009

It takes a village

Sharing, this is all about sharing. Sharing can be hard for a lot of us, I find family researchers on both ends of this spectrum. I can see both points of view, as researchers we spend oodles of time and cash researching our family lines, it is hard for some to post it on line and have others click and claim it and then never thank us, or give us credit when they re-post the work somewhere else.

Click and claim, a sure fire way to 1.) Build your numbers 2.) Irritate other researchers.

So, lets examine the other end of the spectrum, sharing without holding back. Ok, maybe you don't post it all over the Internet, but, you willingly share with other researchers/cousins. Be warned, some of them WILL post your work to the Internet. Gonna happen.

HOWEVER, if you share you can also be the beneficiary of the knowledge of the other researcher/cousins.

If you have been reading my blog here, you will see just this last week I have been chatting, sharing, comparing with two gals both interested in the same Eliza Lashbrook Charleston (that is NEW to me) Quackenbush.

Because of our sharing we now all have a much more detailed picture of Eliza's life, marriages, children, grandchildren. We each had a part of the story, bits and pieces. By combining them, we put Eliza's puzzle back together again.

It took 3 of us, a small village for sure, but a village none the less.

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