Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, blow me down, and other stuff

Only moved Tana about 65 miles today, but with the wind at 25 to 35 and gusts of 35 to 45, we feel like we did 250 miles.

We know it is blowing when Big Butt and Tana are shoved all over the road. One thing we love about a 5th wheel is that you don't know it is back there when you are towing. If you doubt me, try towing a 30 foot travel trailer, wind or no, then tow a 5er with a big truck. Huge difference in white knuckle factor, travel trailer loses this contest.

One of the side effects of a visit to Amish country, poor cell service. Air card worked but was really slow. Phones kept eating up battery charge. Now that we are more or less back in "cell" country, the air card is flying and there are 5 and 6 bars on the cell. The weak service in Holmes County did not surprise us, but we are true electronic addicts, and are glad to be back among the towers.

Now, if Mother Nature would cut off the gusty attitude - - - -

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