Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are and GeneaBloggers Radio

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Disclaimer, I don't do a lot of reviews.  Oh, and I did not watch all the shows from last years WDYTYA, I hard a real hard time watching them, I found them rather annoying.  I have no financial interest in Ancestry (I don't even have a subscription at this time), GeneaBlogger Radio, or in the telie show, "Who Do You Think You Are".  That said, I am going to do a review of the show and the radio show tonight.

Tonight was the first episode of the new season of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

After a bit of a snafu over the real time that Man and I are currently camped in (mmm, one really should change one's watches, SIGHHH), I got to watch the show.

But, first I tuned into the new GeneaBlogger Radio.  Thomas, I would like to see your FULL resume'. This cannot possibly be your first rodeo, err, radio show.  It was there that several of the other "attendees" let on that in the Pacific Time zone (yep, that is where we are now, PT) the show would not start for a while yet, 20 or 40 minutes later.  Say what?  My watch says - - OOOOO OOOOO - - watch says Mountain time.

So, I listened to the new radio show, the sound was excellent, clear as a bell.  There was a chat going on at the same time, that was a hoot, moved very fast and a lot of fun and camaraderie between attendees.

As the radio show ended, WDYTYA started in the Pacific time zone, and surprise!  One of the 2 stations we are getting here had the show on!  WHAHOOO

Here is a short summary of how I feel about this first show of season 2 of WDYTYA.  I posted this on FB first, this is pretty much a repeat of my FB comments:

"Those really annoying lead ins after each commercial are GONE! The short lead outs at the end of each segment were short, sweet and NOT obnoxious. Those lead ins were so annoying to me, ick, gag me -

They used white gloves when necessary, smart on their part. Of course, the discussion over when gloves are necessary is raging on, but, in my opinion, they were wise in their decisions on when to put on the gloves and when not to. My opinion, which is NOT that of archivist.

The issue of not showing how long it really takes to find out all this stuff, or the steps in between, still outstanding. It is telie, commercial telie at that. So, they have to slip over stuff.

The Ancestry commercials still annoy the  $*#* outta me. Misleading to the nth degree, so I walk away or I might toss a rock thru the telie.

These are ALL my opinions, which are worth about 2 cents on a red letter day - - - -"

Score:  GeneaBloggers Radio, 4 stars.  Who Do You Think You Are, 3 stars, it felt a lot more comfortable than last years show(s), at least this weeks program did, calmer somehow, and I am not even sure how to explain that.  Ancestry commercials, negative 4 stars.

And, now, I am taking this time zone confused body away from this computer and towards my book and zzzzzzzzzzzz land - - nite all!

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IrishEyesJG said...

Hi Carol,
I'm sorry I missed Geneabloggers Radio show. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I totally agree with you on the Ancestry ads (but I have to stop yelling at the TV when they're on). The show was a disappointment with, as you say, no hint of how long it takes to find such info. I felt like it was all style and little substance. Cheers, Jennifer

Michelle Goodrum said...

We didn't notice the annoying Ancestry commercials! Oh yeah, we were recording it! We waited until about 7:30 to start watching (it was half over) and then fast forwarded through the commercials. Wahoo!!

Anonymous said...

WDYTYA is the main reason I have (very, very slight) regrets over sending the TV, DVD & video player for recycling - maybe I'm not missing much at 3 stars and can catch up on 4 star GeneaBloggers Radio on the internet :-) Jo