Sunday, February 20, 2011

THE Trip, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, California, The Amazing Finale'

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Back at the parking area of the Palm Canyon we remembered that John, the wonderful docent of the Palm Springs Visitor's Center, had mentioned a short, very very short, hike to a waterfall.  Less than 400 feet from the Trading Post, and, we are off - -

Here is our first view, about the middle of the photo, is the fall, tucked in behind the massive rocks.

Getting closer:

Following the path even further, closer and closer, right through that opening, surrounded by massive rocks:

(And, yes, mmm, we did climb up there.
Man went all the way through, I climbed up
on the rocks.  Was easy getting up,
getting down was a bit more interesting! Eh?)
My photo from "on the rocks", this is as good as it got for this hiker.  And, again, I note, the photo does not do justice to the real thing.  First of all, you cannot capture the feel of the cool very light mist put off by the fall,  second, you cannot hear it, third, as much as I love my Sony, there are times it just cannot capture the beauty, nor the awe of Mother Nature.

And, that is the amazing finale' for this fabulous day of hiking in the Indian Canyons.

For those who remember my strong reaction to the Palm Springs Tram, I offer this little "bridge" we had to traverse to get to this water fall.  After the tram, I did not even quiver, or snivel, I just marched right across, OK, slow deliberate steps, but over I went (and, of course, back again!)

We did not officially measure the 'bridge',
guessing the part you could actually walk
on was about 12 inches wide.
And, thankfully, not too far UP!  LOL
And, that ends our wonderful day trip to the Indian Canyons.  If you go, remember, take water, take your hat and sunscreen, take extra batteries (or the second battery pack) and take all the awe you can muster.  I can guarantee, you will come up short on the awe factor!



Nolichucky Roots said...

Awe indeed. And while we miss the sensations you experienced, there's real art in some of these pictures, Carol. The third one is one of my all time favorites of yours. Amazing.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I am taking notes on places to visit as we will have more time on our hands soon... In the past the desert between Phoenix and LA has been traversed as quickly as possible. Now the list of fabulous places to stop is growing daily. Keep those posts and pictures coming!

Barbara Poole said...

Love it all, but am commenting on the other two ladies. Nolichucky, I had to go to the 3rd one, yes it is a good shot, and Michelle I will envy you when you get to trace some of Carol's steps (are you going up that tram?)